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Do you have a Personal Trainer for your Money?

Do you have someone that you can really talk to about your money?

Someone that is not going to judge or make you feel embarrassed, irrespective of what has or hasn’t happened.
Someone who is going to show you a very clear pathway towards financial confidence, and provide you with support and accountability along the way.
This is what I do….a Personal Trainer for your money.personal-1277392_640

I don’t know about you, but if I sat down and worked out how much I had spent on Personal Trainers and Weight Loss Consultants over the years the figure would not be small!!

Most of us fundamentally know what we should (and shouldn’t) eat and the guidelines around healthy eating habits and also the importance of regular exercise and the impact it has on your overall wellbeing….so the question is why do we still pay for it??

The answer is simple – that emotional pull of being held accountable to someone and having to “show up”. We engage specialists to hold our hand and provide us with the structure, support, and framework to map out what our goals and aspirations are and how we are going to achieve them. (Just quietly this has led to the massive multi-billion dollar fitness and weight loss industry!)

This is what I do when working with individuals and couples around their money and personal finances – like a Personal Trainer for your money. I am not going to tell you what you can and can’t spend your money on or what you should and shouldn’t do. What I will do is provide you with the structure, support and accountability to make your money work as efficiently as possible for you.

This is the process I work through with my clients:-

Where are you now? – The Clean Up
• Track your spending for 30 days;

• Gain a clear understanding of where you are right now with your money;

• Build a heightened awareness around your spending.

How are you going to get there? – The Set Up

• Review your fixed costs such as insurances, utilities, phone and internet;

• Smooth out your bill cycles and put in place regular monthly payments so when you receive a bill it is already paid;

• Implement a Spending Plan – puts a limit on lifestyle and discretionary spending.

Where do you want to be? – The Turbo Charge

• What are the important things for you to achieve around money?

• What are your financial priorities?

• What are your lifestyle and financial Goals and Aspirations?

Implementing positive money habits is just like flexing a muscle you haven’t used before – the more you use it, the more it will grow and build, to the point it just becomes an automatic reflex. And having someone working with you every step of the way and holding you accountable can be the difference between getting results as opposed to just signing up!

I create a safe place for you to have a real conversation about your money.

If you would like to have a further chat about your own personal situation please contact me.


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