Talking Money2

Increasing your dollars and sense

While we often play down the importance of money in society, the reality is it is connected to everything. Your relationships, your health and wellbeing, your happiness, your quality of life and your future can all be impacted by how well you manage your money.

Maybe you are struggling. You find yourself living on money that isn’t your own, putting all or most of your expenses on your credit card. You watch money come in and go straight back out again on mortgage repayments, car loans, school fees, every day bills and impulse spending.

You’re stressed and worried, perhaps even your relationship is strained from making financial decisions under pressure or based in the moment and you’re not sure how to break the cycle and get back into control.

Or maybe you are good with your money, you have a savings plan and money behind you, perhaps even an investment or two, but you want to know what else you could be doing to fast track your results, help you achieve the lifestyle you want and prepare you and your family for the future.

Whatever your situation is, at Talking Money we build your financial confidence and resilience by giving you the knowledge and understanding you need to break any spiraling money cycles and make informed decisions about your financial future.

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