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Start Saving Towards Christmas…….Now!



With only 13 full weeks to Christmas, have you started thinking about how you are going to pay for presents and catering over the Christmas period?  I have found in my experience that it seems to become more expensive each year, and you always end up spending a lot more that you budgeted for!  Getting those last minute bits and pieces really tends to add up……..


Some helpful tips leading up to the festive season:-

  • Start putting away a certain amount each pay into a separate account for Christmas expenditure;
  • Agree with family members on a dollar figure for presents;
  • Decide who is giving who presents – some people just buy for the children;
  • Agree that each adult just buys one present for someone else – Secret Santa can be fun; and
  • Even if you are hosting Christmas Day – get everyone to bring along some contribution towards the food and drinks (this can be driven by you!)

To finish, it is also good in my experience to get in early with all these points as some family members tend to get started very early on their Christmas planning…….Good luck!

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