Talking Money2

When did Talking Money become so taboo?

What we know….
  •  Many people are on good income/s but have no idea where the money goes each pay
  •  They live from pay cycle to pay cycle and are reactive to when payments are due
  •  There are high levels of consumer debt with mortgages, cars and credit cards
  •  There is an expectation to keep up with the Jones’
  •  There is also an expectation we should understand everything ‘financial’
  •  There is an overwhelming amount of financial information available
What’s not being said…
  •  As a society we are flat out keeping up with ourselves
  •  We can bury our head in the sand, not knowing where to start and it is all too hard
  •  We struggle to meet bills and we use credit cards for day to day living
  •  We are intimidated by the jargon and are too embarrassed to admit to a lack of understanding
  •  We are confused with too many options
  •  We feel out of control and nervous
But by breaking down the stigmas and getting people ‘Talking Money’ I…
  •  Provide a framework by tracking spending, implementing a budget and developing a bill payment plan
  •  Empower clients to gain financial confidence and control through financial education
  •  Create accountability through monthly sessions
  •  Provide a new approach to “getting a handle” on money, gained from over 18 years in financial services
  •  Help clients become financially proactive and get in front
  •  Provide ongoing support in order to translate and relate to their personal situation

If any of this sounds like you, why not get in touch and start Talking Money today?  For an obligation free, 30 minute consultation, contact me on 0417 614 854 or fill in the Contact Us page.